Technical Research Partner

About Company

TRP  is active in the fields of consultancy, IT solutions,  systems integration, managed ICT Services and training. We ensure you innovative and high-quality solutions and services. We offer specialized total solutions in the above-mentioned fields. Those can be used in several sectors.



Founded in 1993, T.R.P. is an IT services company with a strong delivery track record, and our clients include large enterprises in financial services, telecommunications.

The experience we have gained means that we can help you to reduce your information technology costs, increase IT systems performance, and free up internal IT resources to focus on your core business activities.

We operate with a culture of openness and trust that helps us to develop strong working partnerships with you our clients.

T.R.P. has seen his business expand significantly, with an increasing need for special information technology resources assessment across the It world.

 This means that we can help you to find Processes improvements, supply chain reorganizations, infrastructure merging; providing you a personal approach from someone who can understand and speak the HUMAN language, fit into the culture, and have the right technical skills to meet your needs.

Our delivery model means that we can supply you with a highly skilled support and where necessary we can also draw on specific or specialist IT skill sets found in our partners portfolio. This enables us to provide you with a flexible, scalable and professional set of IT services.

We work hard to help you to reduce your IT costs, increase systems performance and help you to deliver maximum value information technology services to your business.





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